Control: found -1 merkaartor/0.18.1-3
Control: found -1 merkaartor/0.18.2-1~exp1

Hi Paul,

On Tue, 23 Mar 2010 15:31:53 +0800 Paul Wise wrote:
> It would be nice if merkaartor could use $LANG to decide which language
> to draw names (and other strings) on the map. As an example:
> [...]
> This is a city I visited in Thailand when I went to the recent Thai
> MiniDebCamp. The English name is Chiang Mai and the Thai name I cannot
> read due to the script being different. It would be nice if merkaartor
> would render name:en for me and name:th for Thai users.

As mentioned in your other bugreport (#575061), it's probably best to
forward this issue to the GitHub issue tracker [0] for the renewed
Merkaartor development happening there.

This feature request hasn't been implemented in the 0.18.1 & 0.18.2
upstream releases yet. The current merkaartor in unstable (0.18.1-3)
even crashes with a double free when the 'Show names' option is enabled
with the node for Chiang Mai selected. The revision in experimental
(0.18.2-1~exp1) doesn't crash, but still displays only the name tag.

Kind Regards,


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