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On 19-10-15 15:03, Otakar Nesvadba wrote:
> NetCDF-4 format is not properly recognized in recent gdal (libgdal1i ?).

I'm sorry to hear the NetCDF-4 support is not working for you any more.

I suspect this is not actually an issue in gdal, but caused by the
recent HDF5 transition to 1.8.15-patch1+docs-4.

> How to reproduce the bug: 
> --------------------------
> the attached file JEJK_topoC9k_ZABA10mHbpv.nc  is of NetCDF-4 / HDF5 format, 
> see ncdump or h5dump output

This file was not actually attached, so I cannot reproduce your issue.

> Previous gdal version (1.11.1 perhaps? - in stretch) worked well in this 
> respect.

If possible I'd like to know if this worked successfully before the HDF5
transition, as I suspect that to be the culprit.

Do you have another testing machine perhaps that hasn't been updated yet?

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