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rubund-guest pushed a change to branch master
in repository osm-tile-server.

       was  008fc5d   Set distribution to unstable.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  008fc5d   Set distribution to unstable.
  discards  5668fc6   Update copyright file for removed scripts.
  discards  7d10cd4   New upstream release.
  discards  3fdc9e0   Merge tag 'upstream/2.36.0'
  discards  ad5e8a9   Imported Upstream version 2.36.0
  discards  b49b5ef   Minor comment fix
  discards  db9506b   If data dir already in 
/usr/share/openstreetmap-carto-common, delete data.old
  discards  ddc2bc4   Changelog updates
  discards  a6e9a9a   Clean up install directory if previous upgrade has left 
some strange files there
  discards  dc9dff9   Use dpkg-maintscript-helper to replace dir with symlink
  discards  8212642   Improved comment
  discards  45d675c   Prepare for new upload
  discards  4bae5d6   Do not delete style.xml during upgrade, but only when 
removing the package.
  discards  5d98b8e   Make sure /usr/share/openstreetmap-carto/symbols is 
removed if it is a directory.
  discards  a757c3d   New changelog entry
  discards  d1dd0dc   Fixed path in translations of debconf message
  discards  9145d00   Move data.old to 
/usr/share/openstreetmap-carto-common/data if it exists
  discards  a4ea7e2   Use POSIX compatible if expression
  discards  55b1cd3   Check that dir is not a symlink before moving dir.
  discards  1281661   UNRELEASED -> unstable
  discards  921d2e1   Remove data directory on purge
  discards  f2e1e88   More in changelog
  discards  3349f17   Set openstreetmap-carto/fetch-data to false after 
completing download of shapefiles
  discards  85c403a   Added lintian-override for broken symlink with explanation
  discards  97bbf88   Include debconf translation updates
  discards  85ad389   Added preinst for moving old data directory out of the 
  discards  611e3cf   Delete style.xml in prerm instead.
  discards  9211287   Delete style.xml when removing package
  discards  7e7af5a   New changelog entry
  discards  9c3f389   Split in two binary packages
  discards  3cee663   Set distribution to unstable.
  discards  8ca10c3   Close bug in changelog.
  discards  f8cd0f4   New upstream release.
  discards  aabbb66   Merge tag 'upstream/2.35.0'
  discards  a5f120c   Imported Upstream version 2.35.0
  discards  a54f061   Enable parallel builds.
  discards  43153f2   Align paths in install file.
  discards  cae4918   New upstream release.
  discards  eb799fe   Merge tag 'upstream/2.34.0'
  discards  f360d66   Imported Upstream version 2.34.0
  discards  88de0f2   Imported Upstream version 2.33.0
  discards  c6ba36f   Imported Upstream version 2.32.0
  discards  18fcbfc   Imported Upstream version 2.31.0
  discards  4b82da9   Imported Upstream version 2.30.0
  discards  c281a14   Update watch file.
  discards  8b9bce4   Fix YAML document syntax for upstream metadata.
  discards  074729b   Add upstream/metadata
  discards  5fdcbc3   Fill in po/templates.pot header
  discards  047023a   Fix Upstream-Name in copyright file.
  discards  f49fcd4   Drop <> in Source URL.
  discards  431ee17   Merge changelog entries
  discards  0d08ab3   Improve debian/watch
  discards  58e764b   Add style.xml to debian/clean
  discards  2bc5763   Move installation of style.xml to debian/install
  discards  2804389   Include full CC0 license in debian/copyright
  discards  eb10dca   Remove debian/README.source
  discards  3177be8   Run cme on debian/control
  discards  d71a091   Add VCS info to debian/control
  discards  eabea39   Change maintainer
  discards  d219b35   Bump standards version from 3.9.5 to 3.9.6
  discards  0a23773   Add debian/gbp.conf
  discards  4f28f19   Fix typo in debian/copyright
  discards  a59f64b   Update debian/copyright
  discards  fe5f203   Update the included documentation
  discards  5907be1   Update changelog
  discards  360efeb   Merge branch 'upstream'
  discards  d0d3b71   Imported Upstream version 2.29.1
  discards  4802338   Update watch file
  discards  30f7916   Imported Debian patch 2.13.0-1
  discards  e5acdb0   Imported Upstream version 2.13.0

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