On 04/11/15 19:12, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> Some hints on what could trigger this?
> You may get some hints from the JOSM debug output, start josm with
> --debug and redirect the output to a log file:
>  josm --debug > /tmp/josm.log 2>&1

I do not see anything more related to the backtrace.

> Do you use the save password feature in JOSM perhaps?

I use OAuth. Both access key and secret are set and stored in the

I always did (it's not something I changed recently).

> Or by moving your ~/.josm directory out of the way, e.g. by renaming it
> to ~/.josm.bak, and starting with an empty profile.

I just tried now with regular username/password (stored in the prefs,
anyway), and it works. I could successfully upload a new changeset.

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