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Hi Alastair,

On 30-05-14 11:36, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> The netcdf library must be modified slightly in order to handle the
> exodus datamodel. The specific changes are:
> 1. include/netcdf.h -- Modify the following defines:
> #define NC_MAX_DIMS     65536    /* max dimensions per file */
> #define NC_MAX_VARS     524288   /* max variables per file */
> #define NC_MAX_VAR_DIMS 8        /* max per variable dimensions */
> If these changes are not made, the exodus library will still function
> for "normal" size models, but it will fail for "large" models. The
> error message from exodus/netcdf should be somewhat clear when this
> happens...

As you know, we have NetCDF 4.4.0~rc2 in testing/unstable for some time
now. While that meets the 4.2.1 version requirements, but not the
NC_MAX_* values:

Maximum for classic library.

In the classic netCDF model there are maximum values for the number of
dimensions in the file (\ref NC_MAX_DIMS), the number of global or per
variable attributes (\ref NC_MAX_ATTRS), the number of variables in
the file (\ref NC_MAX_VARS), and the length of a name (\ref

These maximums are enforced by the interface, to facilitate writing
applications and utilities.  However, nothing is statically allocated
to these sizes internally.

These maximums are not used for netCDF-4/HDF5 files unless they were
created with the ::NC_CLASSIC_MODEL flag.

#define NC_MAX_DIMS     1024
#define NC_MAX_ATTRS    8192
#define NC_MAX_VARS     8192
#define NC_MAX_NAME     256
#define NC_MAX_VAR_DIMS 1024 /**< max per variable dimensions */

I'm not comfortable changing these values, because I cannot oversee the

How common are the "large" models? Is it not a very specialised use case?

Kind Regards,


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