On Mon, Nov 09, 2015 at  0:11:23 +0000, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> Yes, I do confirm that this problem has been addressed. There is, however,
> another inconsistency that now crops up: ocrc_process is declared with
> inconsistent return types. The attached patch fixes this problem.

There are actually two more cases of the same kind -- patches attached.


Index: sources-netcdf/1:4.4.0~rc3-1/oc2/oc.h
--- sources-netcdf/1:4.4.0~rc3-1/oc2/oc.h
+++ sources-netcdf/1:4.4.0~rc3-1/oc2/oc.h
@@ -536,9 +536,9 @@
 /* Get the HTTP return code from the last call;
    note that this may or may not be the same as returned
    by oc_svcerrordata.
-extern int oc_httpcode(OClink);
+extern OCerror oc_httpcode(OClink);
 (Re-)initialize the oc library as if nothing had been called.
 This is primarily for debugging of rc files.
Index: sources-netcdf/1:4.4.0~rc3-1/oc2/ochttp.c
--- sources-netcdf/1:4.4.0~rc3-1/oc2/ochttp.c
+++ sources-netcdf/1:4.4.0~rc3-1/oc2/ochttp.c
@@ -87,13 +87,13 @@
        oclog(OCLOGERR, "curl error: %s", curl_easy_strerror(cstat));
        return OCTHROW(OC_ECURL);
 ocfetchurl(CURL* curl, const char* url, OCbytes* buf, long* filetime,
            struct OCcredentials* creds)
-       int stat = OC_NOERR;
+       OCerror stat = OC_NOERR;
        CURLcode cstat = CURLE_OK;
        size_t len;
         long httpcode = 0;

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