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On 10-11-15 17:13, Bas Couwenberg wrote:
> On 2015-11-10 16:46, Vasudev Kamath wrote:
>> Since Android upstream stopped shipping Droid fonts and its been
>> declared that Noto fonts will be superseding the Droid┬╣┬▓ we in
>> "Debian Fonts Task Force" team decided to drop fonts-droid package.
>> One of your package josm either
>> Depends/Recommends/Suggests/Build-Depends on fonts-droid. I kindly
>> request you to do the switch to fonts-noto instead.
> The josm package uses the font-droid package in favor of the embedded
> copies included in the JOSM source tree, I've created an issue in the
> upstream tracker requesting them to switch to the Noto fonts too. This
> should keep the divergence of the Debian package to a minimum.
> I'll update JOSM package to use the Noto fonts whether or not upstream
> decides to adopt them too.

From the discussion in the upstream JOSM issue [0] it's become clear
that the Noto font is not sharp as the Droid font it's meant to replace.

In response to this concern raised by the JOSM developers I created an
issue in the upstream noto-fonts issue tracker [1] in which I asked if
it's possible to improve the sharpness at small font sizes.

Do you have any suggestions how to improve the Noto font to be as sharp
as the Droid font at small font sizes, before I raise the issue on the
freetype-devel list as suggested in the noto-fonts issue?

[0] https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/12085
[1] https://github.com/googlei18n/noto-fonts/issues/556

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