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Hi Torsti,

On 09-11-15 06:17, Torsti Schulz wrote:
> On 08.11.2015 15:00, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> We've have GRASS 7 in testing/unstable for some time now, and while the
>> upstream issue is still open, it seems it has been fixed in GRASS 7.
>> I can successfully open a GRASS GIS database directory by selecting the
>> path /home/user/tmp/Työpöytä/grassdata/, selecting the 'spearfish60'
>> GRASS location, selecting either of the GRASS Mapsets and starting the
>> GRASS session.
>> Can you confirm that the issue is fixed in the GRASS 7 packages in
>> testing/unstable?
> I still get the same error as in the original bug report for GRASS
> 6.4.1. when using the Georectifier.
> Also changing mapset access does not work for me. So I can't confirm
> that the issue has been fixed in GRASS 7.0.1.

My earlier testing was insufficient, I can confirm the issue with grass
6.4.4 on jessie and 7.0.1 on unstable.

On jessie the 'Select source mapset' dropdown is empty, on unstable the
dropdown is populated with empty options. When the same grassdata
directory only has ascii characters in its path, the dropdown is
populated with mapsets as expected.

I've updated the upstream issue noting that is still affects GRASS 7,

Kind Regards,


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