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On 08/09/2017 07:42 PM, Antonio Valentino wrote:
> I refreshed a bit the gis-remotsensing task file.
> Now that a new version of doris is in the archive I would like to
> restore the entry in the remotsensing task file if it is OK for you.

That was on my TODO list as well, since we're not going ahead with the
removal of doris.

The adore-doris entry still needs to be updated (repo moved to GitHub
among others), and may need to be dropped entirely if it's no longer

> I also updated the dependency from development package of epr-api:
> libepr-api-dev instead of the transitional package libepr-api2-dev.
> IMO we could totally drop libepr-api2-dev as soon as a new version of
> gis-repotesensing and gis-devel are uploaded.

Despite the "Depends" in the Blends tasks files, there are actually
Recomments in the metapackage that gets build, so the blends package
doesn't have to be uploaded before packages it references are removed.
> I also noted that git-remotesensing and gis-devel suggest some ossim
> related packages that seems to be no longer in the archive:
> ossim-plugins, ossim-gui, ossim-planet, ossim-planet-qt,
> ossim-package-support
> Shall we drop them?

These are not yet in the archive, and may never actually get there. But
ideally they should, as they are included in OSGeo-Live and should be
packaged properly along with ossim.

After the move to GitHub OSSIM stopped doing releases for too long, but
they've recently released 2.0.0 for which the packages need to be
updated. Each project now has its own GitHub repository for upstream
sources, instead of needing to repack the ossim tarball.

This is quite a bit of work for just ossim, let alone the other
packages, and I lack time and motivation to work on the ossim package
more, so this is not progressing noticeably. We need the newer OSSIM for
its support of GEOS 3.6 for which ossim is the biggest blocker, and one
that looked hopeless until recently.

OSSIM 2.0.0 is likely not supported by OTB yet, so there is no rush to
get the Debian package updated, I'll get to it eventually again. After
which it'll stay in experimental until OTB supports it.

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