Package: maven-repo-helper
Maintainer: Debian Java Maintainers 
Changed-By: Ludovic Claude <>
Architecture: source
  * add --site-xml=<location> option to mh_install and in the
    <package>.poms file to explicitly define the location for site.xml.
    Warning: this forces existing packages to add this option if they
    need to install site.xml
  * update the version in the POM and in the documentation
    (Closes: #644258)
  * run the unit tests when building the package, fix broken tests after the
    introduction of relativePath on the parent element of cleaned POM files.
  * d/control: add ant-optional, junit, libxmlunit-java, libcommons-io-java to
  * d/copyright: update fields to match latest DEP5 spec.

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