severity 646600 serious

This bug is serious: if you rebuild jarjar in current sid, and then try to use 
that rebuilt package, the results are broken.  For example, I ran into this 
with my Debian rebuild with cglib failing to build from source.  It took me a 
while to find this bug report and find out that it was the cause.

I actually wonder: is it a good idea in the first place to keep this misfeature 
(asm classes copied into the jar under a different Java package name) in the 
Debian packages?  It seems to me this is a Java equivalent of including 
private copies of external libraries in a source package, which is frowned 
upon in Debian packages.  Maybe the Debian version should be patched to use 
the system asm libraries instead of bundling in a copy of whatever system asm 
library happens to be available at build time.
Daniel Schepler

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