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On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 09:32:06AM -0800, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> Here's a patch I used locally to get antlr-maven-plugin to build again -- the 
> patch is based on the current code in maven-javadoc-plugin.  I also noticed 
> that the build was using quilt even though the source package is in 3.0 
> (quilt) format, so I fixed that while I was at it.
> I verified that antlr3 builds against my package, and checkstyle builds until 
> it runs into #652232 (and I did see the antlr plugin running successfully in 
> that build).  I couldn't check libhibernate3-java in my current pbuildd 
> environment, but it looks like that FTBFS anyway, according to #653521.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your patch, it has been applied in the svn repo and this bug
will be closed in the next upload.

Regarding to #653521, I think it is easy to fix and I'll look at it soon.
However, I don't have a clue for #652232 yet. I have not had time to review
it thoroughly yet.


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