Package: eclipse-platform
Version: 3.7.1-1
Severity: normal

Eclipse is quite complex, and I think the package descriptions could make this complexity a little easier to get over. Here are a couple of issues in eclipse-platform's description.

The extended description contains:

This package provides only the Eclipse Platform. It does not include any
development plug-ins. These are available in different packages:

 * eclipse-jdt Java Development Tools
 * eclipse-pde Plug-in Development Tools
 * eclipse Complete development environment

This package is the base for all eclipse plug-ins.

The eclipse package does not contain the complete Eclipse development environment. It provides a Java development environment. I would say instead:

 * eclipse: Eclipse SDK, a Java development environment

However, the list is still misleading. It suggests that the eclipse package contains development plug-ins, but it does not, it only ensures these will be installed. In that sense, I'd probably just drop the eclipse entry. Also, please clarify that the list is non-exhaustive. Perhaps eclipse-cdt would be worth mentioning.

By the way, in the last sentence, "eclipse" should be capitalized.

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