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+During packaging for Debian, these bigger changes were made:
+* "Preview" in Qt integration relies on private API of Qt Designer that
+  can change at any time and requires private headers of designer for
+  compilation.
+  With current Qt Designer and headers shipped with 1.6.1 Qt integration,
+  JNI library does not compile, so I decided to remove this functionality.
+* Also integration with QtJambi Eclipse plugin requires now uncompilable
+  private headers. If we don't decide to package this plugin (which is
+  unlikely as its development has been abandoned for some time already),
+  this removal won't have any impact on plugin's features.
+* These architecture specific bundles are not created:
+   com.trolltech.qtcpp.linux.<arch>
+   com.trolltech.qtcppdesigner.linux.<arch>
+   com.trolltech.qtcppdesignerplugins.linux.<arch>
+  Native libraries they contained are installed to /usr/lib/<arch>/jni, where
+  JVM can always find them, and java sources were merged into respective
+  non-native bundles (com.trolltech.qtcpp ...).
+  This layout should make compilation on additional archs straightforward,
+  not requiring to create <arch> bundles for each new architecture.

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