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javatools (0.41) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Sylvestre Ledru ]
  * jh_makepkg:
    - Switch the OpenJDK6 path to the multiarch one.
    - Remove the sun-java6 support since it has been
      removed from the archive
    - Provide the support for OpenJDK 7
    - Create the new package under the source format 3.0
    - -doc packages are now in the doc section.
  [ Niels Thykier ]
  * Produce a better error message when a non-existent Jar file is
    passed to jh_manifest.
  * Try to parse arguments passed via -O for as regular
    options, but ignore them if they are unknown.  Previously, -O
    options was silently ignored.
  * Remove support for using the "sun" (and "sun6") JVM with
    jh_depends, as Debian is no longer ships the Sun/Oracle Java.
  * Bump libarchive-zip-perl depends as 1.30.5 was still affected
    by #654899.
  * jh_depends no longer emits dependencies with java-runtime or
    java2-runtime.  The minimum generated dependency is now
  * Corrected class version calculation on big-endian architectures.
    Thanks to Kai Ruschenburg for the report and the correction.
    (Closes: #661632)
  * Use Standards-Versions 3.9.3 and the new DEP-5 URI in jh_makepkg
    for newly generated packages.
  * Bumped Standards-Versions 3.9.3 - no changes required.
  * Ensure the test suite fails if the test fails.

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jarwrapper_0.41_all.deb - optional java
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javahelper_0.41_all.deb - optional java
javatools_0.41.dsc - source java

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