(new) eclipse-anyedit_2.4.0-1.debian.tar.gz optional devel
(new) eclipse-anyedit_2.4.0-1.dsc optional devel
(new) eclipse-anyedit_2.4.0-1_all.deb optional devel
Adds additional tools to the context menu of text-based Eclipse editors
 AnyEdit plugin adds several new tools to the context menu of text-based Eclipse
 editors, to output consoles, to Eclipse main menu and editor toolbar. AnyEdit
 contributes also Import/Export working sets wizards.
 AnyEdit can:
  * show the whitespace (tabs vs. spaces) in editors and may use custom project
    settings for tab <-> spaces auto-convert-on-save feature.
  * perform tabs <-> spaces convert on multiple files or entire directories and
    supports also file exclusion filter for tabs <-> spaces action.
  * automatically remove trailing whitespaces and/or perform tabs <-> spaces
    conversion on a "save" action in all text-based Eclipse editors. It can
    automatically create a new line at the end of the file if the last line was
    not terminated by new line.
 Also adds additional actions to menus and toolbars:
  * "Save All", "Open File" and "Show whitespace in editor" buttons to the
    global Eclipse toolbar.
  * "Open File", "Open Type" and "Save to file..." actions to supported output
    consoles and "Save to file..." toolbar button to the Console view.
  * four new context menu actions to "Compare With" and "Replace With" menus
    in both editors and files.
(new) eclipse-anyedit_2.4.0.orig.tar.bz2 optional devel

eclipse-anyedit (2.4.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release. (Closes: #657782)

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