On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 04:31:31PM +0200, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> > so I'd like to upload that to unstable (and adapt libreoffice) if it 
> > happens.
> > 
> > But this problem makes me ask
> > 
> > Q1) does anyone of your programs using libhsqldb-java have the same 
> > problem? Do we need to wait for them to be patches
> >     to upload 1.8.1.x?
> > 
> > As you probably noticed, libhsqldb-java is 1.8.x while we have a
> > libhsqldb2.0-java in experimental (and there's a 2.2.8 released, which I
> > packaged some days ago and is ready to upload here now that I long neglected
> > because I didn't care as OOo and LibO *do* need 1.8.x.)
> > 
> > Q2) Would you agree that renaming libhsqldb-java to libhsqldb1.8-java would 
> > be
> >     worthwile? We then can upload 2.2.8 as libhsqldb-java. This needs source
> >     uploads of all the above packages, though.
> > 
> > Q3) Does anyone want to overtake libhsqldb-java (2.x) then? I am only
> >     interested in 1.8.x for OOo/LO.
> > 
> > Q4) does anyone need 2.0 *and* 2.2 be different? Anything working with 2.0
> >     and not 2.2? (Doubt that, but better safe than sorry) - in that case we
> >     need to have libhsqldb1.8-java, libhsqldb2.0-java and the "new"
> >     libhsqldb-java)
> And noone except tillea (for debian-med)[1] answered here. pkg-java,
> Sebastien?

Two weeks later, and rougly one month before the freeze? PING? Can you
(= pkg-java and Sebastien!) please answer?

Or is this silent agreement? 
(If so then please do not complain if a upgrade of libhsqldb-java from 
libhsqldb-java 2.2.8 breaks anything - you had advance warning.
I *will* do this change - and ake LO use libhsqldb1.8-java *for sure* in the 
next weeks
and libsqldb-java will become 2.2.8. And that upload will directly orphan the 
UNLESS you object)



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