Hi all,
GNU Trove3 packaging requires only slight changes to the trove 2 package.

You can find my efforts at:

The build patch needs refreshing only, I did a small change to the
tarball creation script (as it contains a folder named just "3.0.2"
instead of "trove-3.0.2" as expected) and I needed to set
-Dversion.number=$(DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION) so the .jar will be generated
with the appropriate name.
I renamed the package to trove3, libtrove3-java, libtrove3-java-doc,
to allow parallel installation of API versions 2 and 3.

That should be all the changes, if I recall correctly. Here's the diff:

Feel free to import this into the Java team maintenance repository and
upload it to Debian. I'd love to see the package in Debian rather
sooner than later, but it clearly should be maintained by the Java
team just like the trove 2 package. And in fact, my changes to the
packaging are really trivial.

Thank you,

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