The annotated tag, debian/0.3.0-1 has been created
        at  eea44e7a1229b6b82981d3478b349fc513495b31 (tag)
   tagging  0597ef6f413fff3406a82a7e407cdd52f2ffae31 (commit)
  replaces  debian/0.2.2-2
 tagged by  Daigo Moriwaki
        on  Sun May 20 12:58:27 2012 +0900

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 0.3.0-1

Daigo Moriwaki (5):
      Imported Upstream version 0.3.0
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.3.0'
      New upstream release.
      removed debian/patches/0001-add-upstream-changelog.patch, which has been 
applied by the upstream.
      debian/control: Bumped up Standards-Version to 3.9.3.


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