I ran the eclipse 3.8.0 gotten straight from eclipse.org, without any change to 
my existing configuration or

selection of java alternatives (of Oracle jre) and it ran perfectly fine. 
Further, I did not run eclipse as root.

If the same upstream source works fine on my system but the debian package does 
not, isn't this more

likely to be a packaging issue? A similar issue arose with 3.7.2 in the earlier 
bug referenced in my email.



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Subject: Re: eclipse: 3.8.0~rc4-1 exits with log error: Unable to acquire 

installation of Eclipse into a clean sid system works for me. As you say you 
got an error
even when config is removed, I think it's a different local issue. Here are 
some tips for
further investigation:

1. Try to run Eclipse with OpenJDK 6 to make sure it's not a problem specific 
to Oracle JRE.
   ~/.swt/lib/linux/x86 symlinks are not needed with 3.8.0, that was a 
different issue.

2. If possible, try to launch with a new clean user account, find out if there 
isn't still
   any configuration in your $HOME that prevents Eclipse from starting.

3. There might be some modified files in the installation, left by an 
(accidental) attempt
   to run Eclipse as root. Try purging the installation (removing 
   should uninstall also all the eclipse packages). Make sure that 
/usr/lib/eclipse and
   /usr/share/eclipse are empty, delete any files still there. Then install 
everything back


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