Thanks Alberto! Could I ask that to finalize this, you attach both revised patches to the upstream bugs (HTTPCLIENT-1265 and AXIS-2883) and ask upstream to commit them?

Thanks again

On 12/07/2012 04:02 AM, Alberto Fernández wrote:

I've uploaded new packages to mentors. I'll be out until Monday, so feel
free to review the patches and sponsor the new version if all you are
confident it's all ok

I think now it's fine , but if you find some other bug or improvement,
I'll be happy to correct it.

I'll insist next week upstream to include the last fix.

El jue, 06-12-2012 a las 13:58 +0100, Andreas Tille escribió:
Hi Alberto,

thanks for your continuous work on this.  As I said in my previous mail
please remember to reopen the according bugs to make sure the previous
solution will not migrate to testing.  I'll volunteer to sponsor your
new version if you confirm that this is needed to finally fix the issue.

Kind regards


On Thu, Dec 06, 2012 at 01:49:07PM +0100, Alberto Fernández wrote:
Hi All,

I've prepared the patch with the problem pointed by David fixed (thanks
David). It also fixes a bug related to wildcard certificates.

The first patch is backported from httpclient 4.0 and apache synapse.

This second patch backports some fixes from httpclient 4.2

The patch differ a lot from 4.x line for two reasons: first, the code
arquitecture changes, second , I want to mantain the 3.1 api unchanged,
so all methods are private and only apply to one class.

The patch for axis and commons-httpclient is the same. In the function
they create a SSLSocket, I've put the same routine to validate the
hostname against certificate valid names.

I'll upload the new patches in their place.
Please review them and when ready I can upload a new package to mentors.


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