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Sorry for the terribly late reply.

Il 30/08/2012 00:25, Julian Gilbey ha scritto:
> Package: geogebra
> Version:
> When exporting a page to asymptote, the result begins with:
> /* File unicodetex not found. */
> This appears, from the source code, to be because the (archive?) file
> geogebra/export/pstricks/unicodetex is not being found by the function
> geogebra/export/ when it
> calls new FileReader("geogebra/export/pstricks/unicodetex")

This apparently happens also in upstream's Webstart Geogebra. I mailed
the Geogebra development list to let them know. In the meantime I
decrease the severity to minor, since apparently this bug doesn't give
rise to actual malfunctions (if it does, please let us know).

Giovanni Mascellani <>
Pisa, Italy

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