On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 06:58:41PM +0100, Felix Natter wrote:
> Martin Quinson <martin.quin...@loria.fr> writes:
> hi Martin,
> > For the reccord, the packaging work is done in the package git. If
> > someone could test it (with git-buildpackage), I will upload it.
> Thanks for doing the update and for writing debian/download.sh!
> I did a "git pull" on master, pristine-tar and upstream branches,
> but when running "git-buildpackage" I get:
> [...]
> fatal: Not a valid object name upstream/0.9.6_r156
> => I think you forgot to use "git push --tags" (I cannot see the tags in
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-java/libjsyntaxpane-java.git).
> Could you please post here how you did the update (git-import-orig
> command and maybe other commands too), so that we/I can learn from it?


oops, indeed I forgot to push the tag, sorry. That's fixed now.

Updating the package was untrivial, as there is not tarball upstream.
So I wrote a script to build the tarball from the svn first. 

Then, I imported that tarball into the git using
  git-import-orig /tmp/libjsyntaxpane-java-0.9.6~r156.tar.gz
When prompted, I checked the version number and just pressed enter.

Then, I updated the package itself. I only had to update the
changelog, using:
  dch -i "new upstream release"

Then I built the package with git-buildpackage. As it did not report
any error, I installed the built package, and as it was ok to me, I did
  dch -r
to update the timestamp and set the distribution to "unstable" in the
changelog. Then I asked you guys to test the package. When I'll be
happy, I'll rebuild it again using 
  git-buildpackage --git-tag 
upload the package with dput, and push everything in the git (if I
don't forget parts this time ;)

I wrote this all from memory so something is maybe missing, but I hope
you get the big picture. That's actually very easy :)

Bye, Mt.

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