Hi Thomas,

Le jeudi 14 février 2013 20:13:49, Thomas Koch a écrit :
> The git repo of rhino is now at
> http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-java/rhino.git


> I've merged upstreams 1.7R4 tag from github. Upstream now just links to the
> tag download link of github instead of uploading a tarball somewhere.
> Therefor I've not imported anything to pristine-tar for 1.7R4.
> The thing even builds! Please have a look, test and probably upload to
> experimental. I'll test whether I can build closure-compiler against 1.7R4.

After some round of testing your update to 1.7R4 seems to work (some old bugs 
reported by Debian users where closed upstream!), so I've uploaded to 
BTW, I've removed code from old SVN repository.

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