Dear Jörg-Volker,
> meanwhile version 2.2.2 is available. Also, the dependency on java could
> be
> expanded to include openjdk-7-jre. Even pdfsam 1.1.4-2 works with
> openjdk-7-jre
> 7u15-2.3.7-1 from experimental.
> Within limits, I can try to help if you tell me how.

I found version 2.x difficult to build when I tried a couple of years ago. Not 
all build dependencies were with Debian at the time. A lot has improved since, 
especially the support of maven. 

My entry to Debian was the package "clustalw" to seen updated for far too long. 
May I welcome you as a new maintaining hand for pdfsam, possibly? I am tempted 
to come up with a new package "pdfsam2", but this I would leave to you.

Best regards,


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