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> Hi,
> Daniel Dickinson said:
> > This appears to be due to a permissions problem of some kind due to
> > use a 9p filesystem rather than native ext4 or the like.  Probably
> > fails on nfs too, but I haven't tried that.  Or maybe use of
> > extended attributes (not sure 9p supports them or not)?
> I don't know what the policy is in such a case (best effort?
> Implement if patch provided?) but according to [1] 9p is not even
> part of the standard Debian kernel (and I suspect that there might be
> a reason for this).
> Cheers, Eric
> [1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=696292

9p has been added to standard debian kernels (leastwise I'm using only
debian repositories and no custom kernel, and 9p is supported).

So far other problems I have experienced with 9p have been common to
other non-hdd fs (e.g. nfs, afp, etc) in google reports of problems, so
my first guess is that the issue is not 9p-specific, but rather
'net'-fs (or at least fses that have similar characteristics to net
fses in terms of locking and other implementation details)

In any event I've ditched /var on 9p for other reasons (decided I would
rather not have excessively host-accessible /var for vm /var,
 depite the space advantage to having a shared partition for
all /var from vms (but under separate directories).  In the end I
decided to commit a reasonable amount to each vm rather than commit
less each, but more space if any one needed it (but not all).



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