Sylvestre Ledru <> writes:

> On 23/03/2013 14:32, Felix Natter wrote:
>> hello,
>> I would like to start the sponsoring process for the freeplane-1.2.22
>> package, but that requires libjsyntaxpane-java 0.9.6~r156-1.
>> Martin Quinson (the current libjsyntaxpane-java maintainer) already
>> updated it and I fixed one problem and made sure that it works with the
>> two packages that depend on it (umlet 11.3 and freeplane 1.2.22).
> [...]
>> So is there a chance of doing an NMU so that I can build upon the
>> package with freeplane 1.2.22? [1]
>> [1] Is this even an NMU? I saw this in debian/control:
>> Maintainer: Debian Java Maintainers 
>> <>
> No, it would be a team upload (and we would not have to apply the NMU
> procedure).
> I can try to do it next week (and anyone want to do it sooner, don't
> hesitate)

Thanks Sylvestre!

Just a small notice: the freeplane stable 1.2.22 release has just been
withdrawn due to a bug report and the new release will be in 1-2 weeks,
so there is no need to hurry!

Best Regards,
Felix Natter

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