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> Hi,


Sorry for the very late reply.  I am not sure why but your email did not
reach my inbox until today (29th of April), but I don't see a reply to
this email, so I hope "better late than never" applies to this case.

> It appears that the sun-java6-jdk package has been removed from the canonical 
> mirror, and was subsequently purged from my internal mirror.

It was removed from the Debian mirrors as well; we no longer have
permission to distribute the "sun-java" in Debian anymore[1].  I suspect
that was the same reason why they disappeared from the canonical mirrors
but I don't know.

> I have an urgent and temporary need for this .deb to get me through a test 
> cycle before I can replace it with a supported Java.
> I have spent the morning poking around for the .deb but with no luck, 
> hopefully some here will take pity on me?
> aptitude show sun-java6-jdk
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> Thanks,
> Jim Goddard | System Administrator III
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At this point, it is probably easiest to download Oracle's non-free  and
use "java-package"[2] to create a deb out of it (assuming OpenJDK is not
an option).  Even if this advice is too late for that particular
problem, perhaps java-package will be useful to you in the future.


[1] Strictly speaking we might have permission to distribute the old
versions, but there are plenty of security bugs in those that we cannot fix.

[2] http://packages.qa.debian.org/j/java-package.html

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