On Sb, 18 mai 13, 11:47:39, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> Because these are quite old they should probably just be closed with a 
> text like "if you can reproduce this with the version in wheezy please 
> file a new bug". I plan to do so unless you object (or I don't hear from 
> you in a few days).

I just did this.
> Among the bugs in question there are also bugs #495235 and #505709
> tagged patch. Normally I would reassign those before mass-closing, to 
> not loose potentially useful patches, but I don't know to which version 
> (6 or 7). It would be great if you could look at them yourself and deal 
> with them as you see fit.

I closed those a few days ago, after checking myself whether they 
contain something of value.

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