Hi Bart,

I'm working on the JMeter update. There is already a bug requesting an
update if you want to subscribe to it (#690031).

JMeter 2.9 depends on Apache Tika which isn't packaged yet (ITP #709059
and #499606). I started working on it and I'm awaiting the upload of one
of its dependencies (opencsv, ITP #709171).

Emmanuel Bourg

Le 20/05/2013 19:20, bart.warmer...@mail.ing.nl a écrit :
> Hi jmeter maintainers,
> Are there any plans to update the jmeter version (2.5.1) in the repo for
> a more recent version like 2.9? The current version is more the 1,5 yrs
> old and the newer version allows eg for direct jms connections (which I
> would like to use). If needed I can create a bug, but I'd rather not
> create bug-noise if not needed.
> Thanks in advance,
> B.

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