On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 14:55 +0200, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> I believe maven-compiler-plugin 3.1 requires Maven 3 to build, so we'll
> have to complete the transition to Maven 3 before packaging this update.

> If you don't absolutely need the most recent version we could at least
> upgrade to the last version compatible with Maven 2 (2.5.1). This will
> also require an update to plexus-compiler.

Okay, thanks for the quick reply. I am not entirely sure which version is
*really* needed, but the upstream project I am trying to package refers to 3.1
in its parent pom (cf. [0]). Nothing stops me from trying a build with 2.0.2-6
(or 2.5.1 fwiw), so I'll investigate in that direction first.

Either way the newest upstream version should be packaged eventually.

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