Hi Yohann,

2013/6/13 Yohann Martineau <yohann.martin...@gmail.com>
> Hello,
> On a fresh debian-wheezy install, I installed default openjdk and maven
> packages from standard debian repository and tried to build an already
> existing maven java project. This project uses java annotations.
> I got the following error:
>   maven debian generics are not supported in -source 1.3
> As debian maven version is maven-3.0.4-3, I thought default source version
> would be at least java 1.5.
> I removed debian maven package and installed apache-maven-3.0.5 from
> apache.org, and had no issue, project built as expected. I kept the
> default debian java package.
> I did not wrote a tiny java project using annotations as a demo for this
> issue but it should be the same on any project using annotations.

Maven core delegates all compilation tasks to a plugin,
"maven-compiler-plugin". Each version of "maven-compiler-plugin" define its
own default source and target version, which you can override in you

In this case, upstream (apache.org) provide more recent default version of
this plugin than Debian package : Debian Wheezy has only 2.0.2 version
whereas Maven from apache.org provide at least 2.3 (AFAIK).
It's not ideal situation but it's difficult to do otherwise : we support
both Maven 3.x and Maven 2.x series inside Debian...

I can give you two advices :
- Always define your source and target version (otherwise it might depends
on installed JDK)
- It's also recommended to define version of each used plugin (IIRC, Maven
3.x will print a warning if version is not set explicitly in your pom.xml)

I'll keep this bug open for other users to find a quick solution to their
issues and for me to find a solution to find a workaround.

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