Can't we change libtomcat6-java and libtomcat7-java to keep those jars in 
/usr/share/tomcat6/ and /usr/share/tomcat7/ instead of /usr/share/java/ ?

Having tomcat6 and tomcat7 on the same machine is a very common use case for 
Java developers.  And eschewing The Eclipse Way in favor of The Debian Way is a 
very common use case for long time Debian users. :)

Cheers, thanks,

p.s. When the second tomcat is installed, the service will fail to start 
because port 8080 is in use by the first one.  I vote to leave that behavior 
as-is.  (Java devs will not see this as a problem.)  We only need to ensure 
that 'failing to start the service' doesn't result in 'failing to finish 
package installation'.  (We're probably already safe on that?)

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