Il 25/06/2013 18:47, Giovanni Mascellani ha scritto:
> Il 25/06/2013 12:25, Andrea Colangelo ha scritto:
>>> I'm really sorry of this thing and will get in touch with GeoGebra
>>> developers to ask for clarifications and understand whether it's
>>> possible to revert this decision.
>> Hope they will understand DFSG's reasons. Please, keep me up-to-date with 
>> this
>> issue, I am very interested in it.
> For sure. Unfortunately, I don't think good news are upcoming: GeoGebra
> developers (in particular, I communicated with Markus Hohenwarter, but I
> know that other people or representatives are answering with similar
> wordings) assert that the license of GeoGebra was only clarified, not
> modified. This is plainly false, since they added a NonCommercial clause
> to the Creative Commons they're using; I commented underlining this
> fact, but they didn't answer anymore.

Little follow-up: the same bug request was posted in Lunchpad too.

There is some more discussion happening there, although admittedly not much.

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