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> merge 713144 720388 720390
Bug #713144 [src:freemind] freemind: FTBFS:     [javac] 
 cannot find symbol
Unable to merge bugs because:
severity of #720388 is 'important' not 'serious'
package of #720388 is 'freemind' not 'src:freemind'
severity of #720390 is 'important' not 'serious'
package of #720390 is 'freemind' not 'src:freemind'
Failed to merge 713144: Did not alter merged bugs
        Debbugs::Control::set_merged('transcript', 'GLOB(0x2062a90)', 
'requester', '"W. van den Akker" <>', 'request_addr', 
'', 'request_msgid', 
'<>', 'request_subject', ...) called 
at /usr/local/lib/site_perl/Debbugs/Control/ line 538
        eval {...} called at 
/usr/local/lib/site_perl/Debbugs/Control/ line 537
        Debbugs::Control::Service::control_line('line', undef, 'clonebugs', 
'HASH(0x3052ab8)', 'limit', 'HASH(0x30524a0)', 'common_control_options', 
'ARRAY(0x30524e8)', 'errors', ...) called at /usr/lib/debbugs/service line 474

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