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On Aug 27 2013, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Easily fixed though
> finally, it works with this command line:
> java -classpath
> /usr/share/java/closure-compiler.jar:/usr/share/java/args4j.jar:/usr/share/java/guava.jar:/usr/share/java/json.jar
> com.google.javascript.jscomp.CommandLineRunner
> and these dependencies:
> libargs4-java libguava-java libandroid-json-org-java
  This should be libargs4j-java (note the missing j after the number 4).

Just tried Daniel's recipe of installing the dependencies and it fixes the
unusability of version 20130227+dfsg1-2 (the problem was reported with
version 20130227+dfsg1-1 and it is still present).

Can we have an update of this package? BTW, shouldn't the package provide a
wrapper like, say, /usr/bin/closure-compiler, instead of having the user
type such a long line?  Or, at least, a README.Debian telling the user how
to run the compiler?


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