Hi Wouter,

I'm not able to reproduce this behavior   In a clean chroot (both
testing and sid) with only java7 installed, I genned locales for
nl_BE.UTF-8 and then set up the environment to match what's in the bug
report, but jxplorer starts fine.

There must be something else related to the environment that I'm
reproducing correctly, because I'm not seeing a message like this:

> WARNING: unable to find locale specific start file: 
> /usr/share/jxplorer/htmldocs/start_nl_BE.html

I also tried configuring the locales and environment before the
installation of the JDK, in case there is some dependency there, but
jxplorer still works for me.  Any ideas?

jxplorer seems to work fine with jdk7, so I believe this problem is
related to locale/environment.

Thank you,

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