Dear Stuart,

thank you again for your interest in GeoGebra and sorry for the delay
in my response!

We have put together a little license FAQ list on our website at to give a little bit more
background on the details of our license for everyone interested. We
hope that this also answers all your questions. The International
GeoGebra Institute, our non-profit organization behind GeoGebra, is
dedicated to the open source movement and collaboration with members
of the FOSS community.

Kind regards,

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 1:56 PM, Markus Hohenwarter <> wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
> Thank you for your email, and in particular for taking the time to
> write such a complete and thoughtful inquiry with regards to
> GeoGebra's license and terms of service.
> I wanted to send this note off to you now confirming receipt, and in
> advance of a fulsome response to your inquiry. The latter half of
> August is typically a very busy time here at the university, with
> preparations for the new academic year well under way.
> I will revert early September when I will be able to attend to this
> properly and in full, as I wish to ensure that GeoGebra retains its
> close ties and positive relationships with colleagues in the Debian
> and FLOSS communities.
> Kind regards,
> Markus
> --
> Dr. Markus Hohenwarter
> GeoGebra | Founder & Managing Director
> --
> Professor for Mathematics Education
> Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

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