Oddly, I find that freemind *does* know when I'm holding down the shift
key: when I select one node, then shift-click to select a second to make
a local hyperlink, it works.

I'm unable to select the text in a node, e.g. to delete it or over-write
it with new text.  When I've pasted some text into a new node, there's
no way to tell it I've finished, so it doesn't actually save the node
until I do something else; creating a new sibling or child node works
but I've found various other actions (sorry, didn't note down which)
that lead to it still showing the edit box, with my text in it, but
saving the node still empty, ignoring the edit it's still displaying.
The user experience is full of pain, working without keyboard access !
But I managed (eventually) to make my edits.

Something very weird is going wrong here.  I can't think of anything
else that uses java except web browser applets; I find that the BankID
applet (used by Norwegian banks to verify customers) does accept typed
input just fine, but I've no idea how the plugin behaviour relates, if
at all, to a desktop application's.


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