Hi Russel,

Thank you for your help in sorting this out. As I understand that means
Debian has to package Groovy 1.x and 2.x separately.

For the clarification, Debian can ship several versions of the same
library. It's just avoided until it's absolutely necessary (junit 3 and
4, asm, servlet-api are some examples). jars in /usr/share/java are
simply renamed to avoid collisions.

Regarding Java 8, you may be interested to learn that it's now possible
to build a Debian package of the official Java 8 preview release using
java-package 0.53.

I hope the groovy package in Debian will become a first class citizen in
the Groovy ecosystem, we aren't there yet but if you know of people in
the Groovy community interested in helping they are welcome!

Emmanuel Bourg

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