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>> could you please clarify license terms for the following files:
>>   src\main\java\javax\xml\xquery\*:
>>   Copyright # 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Oracle.  All rights 
>> reserved.
> I've sent an email to upstream maintainer asking to clarify that.

Here is the replay:

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These Java interface definitions are taken from the XQJ specification,
JSR 225, which you can find here:


along with the licensing terms.

An extract of the license is:

In addition, to the extent that an implementation of the Specification
would be considered
a derivative work under applicable law requiring a license grant from
the holder of the
copyright in the Specification, the Spec Lead grants a copyright
license solely for the
purpose of making and/or distributing an implementation of the
Specification that: (a)
except for the RI code licensed from Oracle under the RI License which
is attached
hereto as Exhibit B, does not include or otherwise make any use of the
RI; (b) fully
implements the Specification including all of its required interfaces
and functionality; (c)
does not modify, subset, superset or otherwise extend those public
class or interface
declarations whose names begin with “java;” and (d) passes the TCK.

In other words: Saxon, as an implementation of the XQJ specification,
takes advantage
of the copyright license granted by Oracle, and satisifies the terms
of this license insofar
as it is a complete implementation of the specification and passes the TCK.

NOTE: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

Michael Kay

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