Hi all,
Is it possible to use android package files (apk) in debian or still
somethings are missing ? I'm talking in a sort of an emulator way on
the desktop. These are the android packages I have installed on my
system. I am basically interested in a foss rpg which is/was made for
android and wanna play on my desktop.


$ aptitude search android
i   android-tools-adb                                            -
Android Debug Bridge CLI tool
i   android-tools-fastboot                                       -
Android Fastboot protocol CLI tool
i   android-tools-fsutils                                        -
Android ext4 utilities with sparse support
i   androidsdk-ddms                                              -
Graphical debugging tool for Android
i   androidsdk-hierarchyviewer                                   -
Tool to debug and optimize Android user interface
i   androidsdk-traceview                                         -
Tool to profile performance of Android applications
i   androidsdk-uiautomatorviewer                                 -
Tool to scan and analyze the UI components of an Android application
p   ibus-pinyin-db-android                                       -
Pinyin engine for IBus - Android database
i   libandroid-json-org-java                                     -
androids rewrite of the evil licensed json.org
p   libandroid-json-org-java-doc                                 -
Documentation for androids rewrite of the evil licensed json.org
i A libandroidsdk-common-java                                    -
Android sdk tools common library
i A libandroidsdk-ddmlib-java                                    -
Library for communicaton with connected Android devices
i   libandroidsdk-ddmuilib-java                                  -
User interface library for ddmlib
i A libandroidsdk-hierarchyviewerlib-java                        -
Android Hierarchy Viewer library
i   libandroidsdk-sdklib-java                                    -
Android sdklib
i A libandroidsdk-sdkstats-java                                  -
Sends Android SDK usage statistics to Google
i A libandroidsdk-swtmenubar-java                                -
Android SDK OS menubar hook library

Note :- Clueless about the android simulator/emulator but do know that
android sdk does have some sort of emulation for android.

Looking forward to know more.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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