Package: src:closure-compiler
Version: 20130227+dfsg1-4
Severity: minor

Howdy, thank you for packaging the Closure compiler.

Searching APT for a package containing the Closure compiler command for
compiling ECMAScript, I expect to find the package in the “web” section by
the name ‘closure-compiler’.

I shouldn't need to care that it's implemented in Java, and am not
expecting a command-line program to be classified in the library packages.

The source package should produce separate binary packages:

* Package: libclosure-compiler-java
  Section: java
  Suggests: libclosure-compiler-java-doc
  Description: JavaScript optimizing compiler — runtime libraries

* Package: closure-compiler
  Section: web
  Depends: default-jre-headless, libclosure-compiler-java
  Description: JavaScript optimizing compiler

* Package: libclosure-compiler-java-doc
  Section: doc
  Suggests: libclosure-compiler-java
  Description: JavaScript optimizing compiler — API documentation

Since the ‘default-jre-headless’ dependency would then only be in a package
specifically for the command, this would allow removing the Lintian
override for “needless-dependency-on-jre”.

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