Firstly, thank you for the Debian Wheezy solr packages.

1. Having spent some time grappling with the installation and set up of
solr, I'd like to add a few things to the Debian documentation.
Presumably adding to /usr/share/doc/solr-common/README.Debian is the
best thing to do, or have I missed some other existing documentation?

2. I created a multi-instance solr set up. This doesn't work
particularly well with the layout as installed in the package, as
everything needs to be moved to a layer lower within /etc/solr.
Presumably it is too late to change this default behaviour in the
package of a future version?

3. I see that "dataimporthandler-extras, clustering, extraction and
velocity" are not available due to missing dependencies. Are there any
plans to include these at a later date? If not, where is the recommended
path to install them locally? I have used /usr/local/lib, but not sure
if this is the best place.



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