On 02/11/2014 10:56 PM, Niels Thykier wrote:
> On 2014-02-12 07:33, Debian FTP Masters wrote:
>> libsisu-guice-java_3.1.9+dfsg-2_all.deb: Built-Using refers to non-existing 
>> source package libasm3-java (= 3.3.2-2)
>> [...]
> You have to use source packages (i.e. "asm3" instead of "libasm3-java")
> in Built-Using.
> ~Niels

Thanks Niels.  I realized that when I got the bounce and uploaded a new
version just a bit ago.  It's clear in Policy, but I had "binary
package" on the brain (since jarjar is actually incorporating the binary

Also, I'm a bit confused as to why my upload of cglib about 30 minutes
prior didn't bounce for the same reason.  I'm preparing another upload
of that now, but it's odd that I didn't get a reject.


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