On 02/28/2014 08:42 AM, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> Package: libjgrapht0.8-java
> Version: 0.8.3-3
> Severity: normal
> Tags: patch
> Hi,
> The enclosed patch adds maven support (i.e. it installs relevant
> entries into /usr/share/maven-repo/), meaning that other java code
> that builds with maven and depends upon this package will build.

Hi Matthew,

thank you for providing maven coordinates for this and other packages.

Please note that your patch resulted in 2 copies of the JAR being
installed (instead of 1 and a symlink), and that it created a
jgrapht.jar, which might conflict with the other jgrapht versions in the
archive.  A quick way to check for when mh_installjar is doing things
like this is to build and then use debdiff to compare the current
package with the proposed package.  You can also run debc against the
changes file to see the contents of the resulting package.

I have tweaked the debian/rules to maintain the same jars and symlinks
in /usr/share/java/ and will upload soon.

Thank you for helping with the team-maintained packages,

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