Le 20/03/2014 09:16, Bastien ROUCARIES a écrit :

> In this case why not removing it?

Because it's means extra work for no benefit. The Java Team is already
understaffed and there are much more important tasks waiting (like
handling security issues, completing the transition to Maven 3 or
getting OpenJDK 8 packaged).

Since you seem concerned about this issue I invite you to join the Java
Team on alioth [1]. This will give you commit access to the netbeans
package. The script filtering the content of the upstream sources is
debian/orig-tar.sh [2].

Emmanuel Bourg

[1] https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-java

This is the maintainer address of Debian's Java team
Please use
debian-j...@lists.debian.org for discussions and questions.

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