owner 745815 !

miguel@nina:~/packages/groovy/bug/groovy-1.8.6$ dpkg-query -l groovy | grep ^ii
ii  groovy         1.8.6-3~miguel1 all          Agile dynamic language for the 
Java Virtual Machine
miguel@nina:~/packages/groovy/bug/groovy-1.8.6$ dpkg-query -l libjarjar-java | 
grep ^ii
ii  libjarjar-java 1.1-4~miguel1 all          repackage third-party jars
miguel@nina:~/packages/groovy/bug/groovy-1.8.6$ groovy -cp 
"/usr/share/java/groovy-all-1.8.6.jar" -e 'println 1'

I'm taking ownership of this bug.

To debug this, I rebuilt jarjar 1.1 in unstable and I used that
package to rebuild groovy 1.8.6 and groovy-all.jar was correctly

So, I guess to fix this I'll have to check all the commits since
jarjar 1.1 to determine which is the breaking change.

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