severity 638001 normal


Giovanni Mascellani a écrit , Le 16/08/2011 15:23:
> Package: maven-debian-helper
> Version: 1.4.3
> Severity: minor
> Hi.
> A package of mine (msv) provide more than one POM file, some of which
> depend on each other. When compiling, mh_resolve_dependencies tries to
> locate to which package belong the dependencies listed in POM files and
> does so even for artifacts that are already provided by the package that
> is currently compiling.
> This behavior shown in the attached build log for msv:
> mh_resolve_dependencies executes dpkg --search to find artifacts that
> are provided by the package. This does not lead to build failures are
> bad packages, but makes the compilation longer than required, so it
> would be nice to fix it.

Raising severity because this broken behavior leads to incomplete
Depends fields: for each pom.xml file mh_resolve_dependencies will
abort at the first unresolved dependency.



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