*That being said, I do not know why the antlr *.jar file includes the
Python code, as it does not need to. If the antlr upstream distributes the
binary *.jar file with it, thiswill not be a problem.*

This sentence is still confusing. It is a fact that antlr2-*.jar does not
contain *any* Python code. However, it contains the Java part of the
pyAntlr code generator plugin (path: antlr/actions/python/**). This code is
written by me, however, nowhere are the words "copyright" or "license"
mentioned. Therefore I conclude, that this code
is fully covered by LICENSE.txt listed in the root of antlr-*.tar.gz (or
other distributions listed at http://www.antlr2.org/download.html).

Thus there is a remaining Python part in "lib/python", part of the source
code distribution (http://www.antlr2.org/download/antlr-2.7.7.tar.gz).
Indeed, the license details are there in a bad shape.

My proposal to get rid of the problem is:

(a) pyANTLR-*.jar   => The pyANTLR code generator plugin for Python written
in Java, depending on antlr-*.jar. Technically, this would be the
part found in the antlr*.jar file
(b) pyANTLR.zip    =>  The pyANTLR Python library. Technically, this would
be the "lib/python/**" part of antlr-*.tar.gz (or other source code
distribution) modified to have a proper license while otherwise unchanged.

You, Debian, you would then ignore (or wipe) the pyANTLR part of the
original antlr-2.* distribution and instead add at least (b) to your

Your comments please.

Kind regards,
Wolfgang Häfelinger

On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 10:38 PM, Thorsten Glaser <t...@mirbsd.de> wrote:

> wolfgang haefelinger dixit:
> >Allright, so what is the procedure now to use
> >http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html?
> ⇒ generic part
> As copyright owner, all you have to do is to ensure that
> the people distributing antlr include a LICENSE.txt file
> in the Python subdirectory of their distribution which
> states this fact.
> You should also specify which version(s) of the licence.
> For example:
> • GPL version 1 only
> • GPL version 1 or later
> • GPL version 2 only
> • GPL version 2 or later
> • GPL version 3 only
> • GPL version 3 or later
> The “only” ones lead to interoperability problems, so
> I suggest an “or later” version, as your software is
> something usually combined with other code, i.e. a
> library of sorts.
> Using the GNU GPL will also make (the Python part of)
> antlr incompatible with licences such as the EPL, which
> are unfortunately common in the Java™ world. That being
> said, I do not know why the antlr *.jar file includes
> the Python code, as it does not need to. If the antlr
> upstream distributes the binary *.jar file with it, this
> will not be a problem.
> ⇒ Debian part
> The Debian package maintainers can add the relevant
> information, and possibly separate the Python part from
> the Java™ part, by themselves, if you notify them of
> this decision of yours (i.e. to use the GPL and which
> versions). For this, replying to the Debian bug eMail
> address is enough.
> Of course, Debian would want to stay in sync with
> upstream on this.
> ⇒ Upstream part
> Please contact the people who develop antlr 2.x and
> notify them of your decision, and ask them to release
> an updated antlr version including the licence file,
> and to prominently state this erratum on their website.
> ⇒ Other antlr versions
> I’ve only looked at antlr 2.x (since coworkers at the
> dayjob wanted to use this in a project of theirs, and
> since it is in Debian). If antlr 3.x and/or 4.x also
> include your code, please notify the people developing
> those as well.
> Thanks,
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